Thursday, 5 March 2009


Hey everyone,
I didn't write for a week now, so I thought I will fill you in on what happened.

My week was crap.

Seriously now that I think of it, it sounds like a movie Jim Carry starred in. So, I found an agent for my friend and I, who would help us in sending off our UK university applications. So far so good. Then we ran so late, that we missed our appointment since we had to take my little brother to class. So we got another appointment the next day. OK, so we went and took 5 application forms for 5 universities which are Exeter University, Loughborough College, Reading University, Brunnel, Leeds Metropolitan and University of Sheffield. I would really love to get in either Exeter or Loughborough. Anyway, we also need a personal statement and 2 reference letters to send of the applications. To get the reference letters in English was mega difficult.

Now to top it all of, I was bitten by a mosquito 3 times, one on my right hand, the second on my left hand and the third which is the worst was really close to my left eye. Mosquito bites, not a big deal right! Well, it is to me because I am allergic to them. So my eye swelled so bad, I couldn't even open it. OK, I am also almost blind, I can't see without my contact lenses or my glasses. Since my eye is really bad I couldn't wear contact lenses naturally, and my glasses, well they are in Germany on an extend holiday because I forgot them there in February when I was last there. So I walked around not seeing anything. The whole thing matched the movie I saw the day before which is called "Blind dating", and by the way, the guy is actually blind, that's why it is called "Blind Dating". Anyway, I couldn't go to school for 2 days, sounds cool right? "Too cool for school". Well, no it wasn't cool, because I missed on the first day the English writing competition that I was meant to participate in. On the second day I missed the sports competition that I was also meant to participate in. Lets see what my teachers will tell me on Sunday.

Oh right another thing, I had to go to the doctor. That sounds normal right, well to me it isn't. I don't go to the doctor, I had fever more than once and my temperature was 40 and I didn't go to the doctor. I just hate doctors, I know it is an important job. I am grateful to what they are doing for the rest of the world, but as for me I like to stay away from them.

One of my best friends, she is going to study medicine in September to become a doctor. She gets really annoyed about my rejection to doctors. Every time the subject comes up, there is a long preach, ugh. But this time I had to go to the doctor because I need the paper for school that says I was sick or there will be some serious consequences because they think everyone who isn't at school is ditching.

I had lots of time to spare since I couldn't do much, so I stayed in bed for most of the time, listening to the Twilight audio book. I know so many lines by heart already because I read the book quite a few times now. But what could I do.

Nice week ha?

So I'm overly excited about university, even though University starts in 6 months. Well, I'm already wearing my London sweat-shirt, it is way too big but I love it. And when I am not wearing it, my chair is wearing it ;)

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