Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Sami Yusuf Live Concert In Bahrain

Yesterday was the best night of the summer. Sami Yusuf came to Bahrain and gave a live concert. He sang all his popular songs, like Hasbi Rabbi (my favourite song), Free (A song I love), Teacher, My Ummah, etc.. An orchestra was playing and each musician came from a different country, for example the two guitarist came from England, the drummer was from New York, the violinist was from Cairo, the other musicians came from Germany, Lebanon, etc...

The concert hall was full. So many people came. To be in the crowd and to feel the thrill was so amazing. When the lights went off everyone was clapping and yelling. Everyone was so excited. I swear, I felt like I could feel everyone around me getting tense while my own heart was racing madly.

You know what, when Sami Yusuf came in you can't help but like him. You know why? When I see any concert on TV or Youtube for any singer Madonna, Britney, Rihanna, etc... they come on stage with a huge show for everyone to admire them but with Sami Yusuf it was different. A very humble, down to earth man came on stage, bend down slightly and gave the audience a very warm smile. That was the star of the night. His entrance wasn't a huge show but the effect that this humble person left on us was tremendously huge.

While he was singing everyone was singing along with him but the best part was in every song where he said Allah or Muhammed or Mustafa we all (girls and guys) would stand up, throw our arms up in the air and scream with him. The atmosphere was infectious. We all were one and the same, just Muslims, not Shii, Suni, Hunaifi, etc...

In the concert he sang the song that is dedicated to us Muslim girls called free. If you don't know it you must put it on your to do list because you have to check it out. It is about the "Hijab" scarf. While he was singing it, I saw a lot of girls with tears running down their cheeks. We just couldn't stop it. Listening to this song just renews our power to carry the hijab, because the truth is wearing the hijab needs power. Some need a lot of power and others need less power but in the end it needs power.

A lot of people think that this kind of way to express your yourself and your religion is not religious but the opposite of religious. Some even think it's wrong because those sounds take people away of being spiritual. But I think otherwise. For me Sami Yusuf uses music to promote the message of Islam and encourages us youth to be proud of our religion and identity. You see a lot of our Muslim youth listening to other types of music because they like it. Youth today wants to listen to music, and the good music is offered by none Muslim singers and artist. Why shouldn't we offer the youth want they want in an fun Islamic way. There is no use forbidding them to listen to offensive, sexual oriented and bad language songs because they will do it anyway and will be pulled away of their religion more & more if the Muslims don't offer a good substitute, and I hope Sami Yusuf is just the beginning.

Anyway my hands hurt from clapping, my lungs hurt from singing along and I have a headache because I got back home around midnight and woke up at 5 a.m for work, so all in all my I'm really tired, but last night was worth it.

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sun said...

Agreed, I share the same thoughts as you abt Sami yusuf's music.it shakes the inside you and it touches you so deep,and the way you have described the atmosphere at the concert makes me picture how amazing it would have been there,and 'mother' is yet another so powerful to listen to,and the way you have written your post is nice to read.It surely must have been the best night of the summer
that i missed.