Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Different Worlds With Different Languages

I speak, read and write Arabic and English and I can speak and read German which is my second language. What I'm really annoyed of is that my German writing is very poor. The real problem is that I see the letters in English since I am learning English at school and never studied the German language, which makes it very difficult for me to write in German. I taught myself how to read which was ok since I only had to shoot a glance at the word and then check my memory to the words I heard or said.

Once I've been asked a very interesting question, which I keep wondering about till this very day is "In what language to you think and dream?" and I am so sorry to say that I don't know. I wish I had an answer to it.

This is one type of the Arabic writing.

This is how an Arabic keyboard looks like.

The latest news of the Islamic world: As the Western world is preparing for Christmas, the Islamic world is preparing for the Hadj. That’s the pilgrimage to Mecca. People are gathering in and around Mecca to start Hadj which starts on the first of "Thee Alhudja" and this is the last month in the Hijra year.

These are the name of the Islamic months in order:
Rabi' Al-Awwal
Rabi' Al-thani
Jumada Al-awwal
Jumada Al-thani
Dhu Al-Qidha
Dhu Al-Hijjah

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samate said...

Mensch Mariam, Du hast aber eine tolle Schreibe!! Ich lese Dich unglaubich gerne!! Mach weiter so, ich lerne da viel!!