Monday, 24 November 2008

No, I'm Not Missing Out

In Bahrain people ask me a lot how I behave in Germany or if I take off my Hijab there. It seems like they believe it is necessary to be different if anyone goes over to Europe. Yes, it is different there and it is different here, but somehow I'm kind of the same.

In Germany I get asked a lot if I feel like I am missing out on something, like sports, they always ask about swimming. Well, no I don't. In Islamic countries those matters are adjusted to our way of life. For example, in Bahrain we have the largest water park in the Middle East. Every Thursday night it is ladies night in other words NO MEN. My friends and I went there two months ago while the weather was much hotter like 40c in the shade. We had a lot of fun. We swam, went on all slides and sat on the "fake" beach with music in the background. I bet what you're thinking about is what we are wearing. Well this might surprise some of you, most girls were wearing swim wear or bikinis but some girls were uncomfortable because they are not used to such clothing so they wore shorts and a T-Shirt.

The ladies night starts from 7 pm till 12 am. I love the timing; swimming at night is just a lot more fun. I can say from experience because before I wore the scarf "Hijab" I went to so many water parks in Germany. Plus, it's more suitable for the girls here since they all want to be white just the opposite from the European people they all want to get a tan. Well, we all want what we don't have.

These are some pictures of the water park. If you look closely you can see that the park is in the middle of the desert.

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