Saturday, 29 November 2008

Update on Saudi Arabia

Yesterday I went on day trip to Saudi with my family. Saudi is properly known as the shut down society where nothing is allowed. Well, this update is about books and movies. Saudi doesn't have any cinemas but that doesn’t matter much because its one hour away from Bahrain from some parts in Saudi where they can go to the cinema. Saudi has a lot of really nice TV channels where the Arab world gets to see all the American talk shows, soap operas and reality shows, but all the so called dangerous scenes as they are called here also know as romantic scenes are cut. But yesterday I discovered that they sell all kinds of DVDs that you can find anywhere full "not cut" so the simply can watch them at home. So it doesn't really make any difference but at home you can do whatever you like. I also went to the book section where I surprisingly found all kinds of romantic books and the covers show that their romantic books, but still there where in shelves next to all other books. I must add that even me as an Arab I was surprised to see that.

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samate said...

Aber ganz Saudi Arabien ist doch nicht eine Stunde von Bahrain entfernt! Das mit dem Kino gilt doch nur fuer die, die in der Naehe wohnen, oder?