Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Sorry I didn’t post anything for a while but we had some internet connection problems. I realized yesterday that I am an internet addict.

I remembered today a topic we had in religion class two weeks ago. I was thinking about it today so I thought I’ll share my thoughts. I always wondered why we were living if our ending is already decided for us before we even exist.

Some people don’t believe in God because they think that God decided everything for us, in other words we don’t have a choice, because God knows everything before it happens. To believe in this gives us no reason for living. We Muslims believe that we have a tiny part of God’s soul in us that is the reason why we are the only creatures that can make their own choices; this is the human’s side. God on the one hand knows every choice we have and which we will take and to what it will lead and the choices we didn’t take and what would have happened if we did, without interfering. This on the other hand gives us a reason to live because we can be ourselves and make something out of ourselves.

This brings us to another thing to consider, choice is a mixed blessing. Choices can be hard and confusing. Choices mean responsibility.

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