Tuesday, 30 December 2008

I'm Back

Sorry I haven’t written for a few days but we had once again internet problems, this is quiet frustrating but it was like rehab. Getting away of the internet meant more reading and going out with the family. I finally got around to tidying my room which should please my mother.

So Christmas is over. I had an unofficial Christmas holiday too. We finished all our study books and all we senior years are staying at home to “Study”, this is what most of us should be doing. Our final exams start on the 11 of January, so I am on an unofficial holiday till then.

Today is the “Hijri” Islamic New Year. It is the year 1430. It sounds cool like living in the past, it has something to it. Today is the First of Muharram which is a very important month for the lovers of Prophet and his family. This month is so important because in the beginning of this month around 1400 years ago the grandson of Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him and his family) and his family and friends were terribly murdered for not obeying a ruler who was unjust, oppressive and to top off ignoring Islamic principles. The massacre that happened in the land of Karbala in Iraq was beyond words to describe. Those ten days are lived in memory of what happened and teaching people lessons of humanity. This time is used to teach people religious philosophy. I will try and upload some pictures later on and share with you some interesting things I have learned.

I bet everyone was watching TV the past few days about Gaza, and looking at what is going on there I ask myself where are those people who claim to defend humanitarian values. I look at these pictures on YouTube and I all I want to do is to cry while some guy posts a comment that says “I enjoy watching all those Arabs die. COOL.” Any person regardless of his/her religion who believe in humanity wouldn’t post such a comment.

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