Monday, 1 December 2008

Festive Seasons = Shopping Seasons

Shopping, shopping, shopping, everyone is shopping. Mall and shop owners are really happy at the moment. People shop either for Christmas or here in the Arab countries for Eid. In other words Eid is our Christmas. In Eid everyone buys a whole new outfit, everyone wears new clothes. Girls love this season here. In Eid people visit their families. Now let's define family, it means grandparents and their 15 kids and each has like another 3 to 6 kids. We don't have presents but we get money of every uncle, aunt and the rest of the whole lot, not a lot of money but having a huge family makes little + little + little = a lot. So the whole family has lunch together and later groups depart to go out, to the malls, parks or the cinema. Kids spend the money they get right away. So going out on Eid day is crazy and the 2 days after that are holidays too so it is also crazy to go out on those days. Imagine the whole country is out and about. But we all don't seem to learn much since every Eid we go out again. Well, I'll let you know how my Eid went. Eid is next week.
Today we got measured for our graduation robes. School is soon over.

Today I saw a natural smiley face, it wasn’t yellow and it didn't have eyes nor a smiling dace. The moon in a shape like this ) and two stars on top. It was a lovely picture that the camera unfortunately couldn't take. Ugh.

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