Friday, 19 December 2008

This Week

I'm sorry that I haven't written anything for a few days in a row but I was busy with a few things.

On Wednesday we didn't have any lessons at all in school, which pleased all students. We had a national day party at school. Everyone wore red and white jackets, shirts, traditional clothes, caps and head scarf's. Some girls wore red make up and nail polish which is normally not allowed but the teachers just pretended that they hadn't seen it (by the way I go to an all girls school). The girls gave speeches, preformed songs on pianos and guitars and we had some sports activities. The high light was the traditional dance that the girls preformed, this dance includes both men and woman, since men are not allowed some girls wore the Arabic traditional clothes and drew beards on their faces it was so funny, my friends and I laughed our heads off. The funniest part was that the girls wearing boy clothes were acting like boys and the girls were treating them like real boys. The best part of a national day is that we get 2 days holiday.

Yesterday my best friend, my younger sister and I went to watch Twilight the movie. I read the book first and kept talking about it till my sis read it and then she also got on the twilight train. My best friend was curious about the movie since I was talking about the story so much. The story is a series of four books which I read all but the best book is the first followed by the second. To my surprise the movie is not such a disappointment and failure as most books turned into movies. The movie was actually satisfying. Check the books and the movie out if you don't already know them. I'm looking forward to the second movie "New Moon".

A picture of Edward and Bella in Twilight.

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