Sunday, 14 December 2008

Holly Cannoli

I took a shower at school today, and I have to add that it was not by my free will. My classmates where decorating the class for the National Day of Bahrain on the 16th of December. Our class is full of flags, signs and balloons. Well, the girls started filling the balloons with water and tossing them around in class, after a while the girls got confident that the balloons wouldn't break, hehehe yea right. Just my luck one girl wanted to prove that the balloon doesn't break and threw it in my direction; the balloon decided to give me the honor and exploded at my feet. My school uniform was soaking wet. It was pretty much a crazy day at school today and I ended up with a new favorite word which is "Holly Cannoli".

Tomorrow we have a party at school for the National Day. On Tuesday and Wednesday we have a holiday. The 17th of December is the Crowning Day. Bahrain has become a kingdom in 2002.

My friend came up to me very excited today because she discovered that there is a fencing club here in Bahrain, she was talking about it all day and she is going to join. I am going to see one training session just out of curiosity. It is really nice that more and more girls get involved in sports around here, even some tough sports. The same friend and I used to do Taekwondo for 4 years, which is a martial art. She has the First Black Belt and I got the second. The highest black belt is the 10th. At the beginning lots of people didn't think it is an appropriate sport for girls so there were very few girls. My friend and I started to work ourselves up with the belts and more and more girls got interested to join on the condition that girls teach them. So at the age of 15 and my friend at the age of 14 we started to teach the girls Taekwondo for 3 days a week and the rest of the week we had to learn from the guys. Unfortunately, our group of girls left for college or got busy with studying so we left which is such a pity. I think that a lot of things are new here and it is difficult to accept some new things. It is a matter of daring to start and make something new.

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