Friday, 12 December 2008

Life Views

Yesterday I met a few old classmates of mine; we used to be in the same class six years ago. It was so weird to see them so grown up. Three of them want to study medicine next year, and two want to study business including me. We used to be really good friends when we were 11 years old. It is easy to be friends with anyone at that age or at least it was for me. Now it is sort of difficult especially because of the different "thinking" groups for girls that have now formed because of education and the media. The first group is the more traditional group (I am pressing the word tradition not religion). This group is satisfied with high school education followed by marriage and after that taking care of their children. The role of a mom is also a job, actually it's a full time job which is very important by all means for our future and should never be taken lightly. The second group is the "basic" traditional group, who study at university in Bahrain and get married while studying, after graduation they start working, later have children who are raised by maids or grandmothers. The third group is the "free thinking" group, that’s how they are called here. This group is not so easily satisfied, they want to leave their homes, study abroad, see the world and focus on a career. Marriage and children come later for the members of this group. This group is seen as the rebels.

Because of the different ways of thinking nowadays there are times when there are clashes and a lot of disagreeing, it is hard to mix those groups together.

If you read carefully, children are mentioned in all groups. Still no matter how people are clinging to their traditions, in the end the basic things they agree on. For example children, they are pretty much a must, since it is a part of being a woman. Having children here is seen as being a good woman, a good wife and a symbol of having a full life.

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