Thursday, 11 December 2008

On the Day of Eid

My Eid was ……. Like always nothing new. We all woke up kind of early then had breakfast. After that we, my sis and I, had to take very short showers because we have little warm water in the winter. Yes it sucks, but we don't need the same heaters like in Europe because our summer is really long and we have a lot of hot water. It is so hot that it is impossible to take a shower at noon or you'll burn yourself, you could use it as "already'" boiled water for tea if it wasn't salty.

Well, after a very unpleasant shower with cold water because my sis used up all the hot water, we wore our new clothes. It took 2 hours, hehehe, my dad enjoyed every minute waiting.
The whole family met at my grandparent's house, after kissing and hugging the whole family, much to my annoyance, the men started joking about having second and third wives, but after the glares of their wives none of them had the guts to finish so they changed to talking about business, which is a very safe subject. That was too boring for the ladies plus some male visitors came so we went into the ladies sitting room.

We had lunch, for your information the food wasn't that good, well it hasn't been good for the past 10 years, but no one wants to change the caterer because they don't know any other, because the actual reason is that no one wants to cook for around 50 people.
Yea, but we all have to get together for various reasons.
1) Because we get a lot more "Eidiiya". "Eidya" are the little amount of money the kids and teens get from their relatives.
2) Because it is a good memory game for us to remember all the names.
3) Because it is nice to see how the kids grew up and what happened to the teens.
4) Because we have a place to show off our new clothes.
5) Because it is like living in the movie called "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" which is a great movie by the way.

After lunch we moved to some small talk here and there or chated about who was wearing what till 7 pm and then the families headed out home or to eat out for dinner and then left the cleaning up for the poor maids. But the maids get "Eidiya" too, so the like Eid.

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