Monday, 8 December 2008

It is Supposed To Be Eid

My Eid? Well, I'll tell you how I spent my Eid. I went to Saudi Arabia again and finished sticking wallpaper on the walls for 5 hours. Yep, that’s how to spend a vacation. The good news is that it looks great.

The reason why I didn't spend Eid like the rest of the Islamic world is because some people here believe that Eid is tomorrow, it is very hard to decide when the Hijri year "Islamic year" starts because it is decided by the appearance of the moon. So the big family lunch is going to be tomorrow and I will tell you how it went.

After the hard work we wanted to get back to Bahrain so we filled the tank full with patrol for 2 Dinars and 5 hundred fills which equals 4.50 Euros. Yep, hahahaha unbelievable but it's true. In Germany my grandfather fills the car with patrol for 80 Euros that’s unbelievable here.

At the end, there was a sort of Eid dinner with my family in a restaurant with Iranian food, it was really tasty. I like Iranian, Turkish and Lebanese food most. If you never tried you should because if you don't your really missing out on something.

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Eliane Zimmermann said...

Hallo Mariam,
ich bin neu in Blogger-Land und bin fasziniert. Mir gefällt dein Blog super-gut, ich finde dein Engagement bewundernswert, die Sichtweise einer arabischen Jugendlichen allen mitzuteilen, die dafür offen sind. Danke, thank you; I love your blog and I wish my 15-year old son would be so engaged! Cheers from Ireland!