Saturday, 6 December 2008

Girls sticking wallpaper in a Saudi office

At 8:30 pm in the morning my mom and dad woke me up. It's Friday morning (it's like Saturday morning in Europe or the US) and I went to bed really late the night before because my friends and I had a girl's night. Well, I was woken up from my very much needed sleep so we went go to Saudi Arabia. It had to be so early because if you leave too late to Saudi Arabia by crossing the bridge, you'll get stuck and it takes hours.

In 1 hour we were in Khobar, a city in Saudi Arabia, just on the other side of the bridge. From 12:30 pm till 5pm we (which is my dad, my sister and I) were sticking the wall paper on the wall in my dad's office there, I wouldn't be allowed to do so otherwise. Women don't work such things over there. However, women are allowed to work in offices nowadays in Saudi Arabia.

The before picture.

The after picture.

It wasn't easy.

I hate plugs.

We were so hungry after all the work but at prayer times in Saudi Arabia the shops, restaurants, etc are all closed. We were done at five which is right on time with the prayer time so we had to wait till prayer time is over and went to eat at Chili's. By the way there Salmon fish is to die for. In Saudi Arabia, also in Bahrain, you can find all the big American fast food chains like Chili's, Pizza Hut, Fridays, Costa, Starbucks, etc…