Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Life Style

Today my classmates were talking about what they are most impressed by of what the other teens our age do in Europe. Well, it turns out that they are most impressed by kids in other countries that move out when they are about around 18 years of age. But I don't think that the teens here realize the responsibilities they would load on themselves nor do they have the independence to do so, because the people here are used to have maids that do everything for them, cleaning, washing, cooking, ironing, tiding the rooms, etc. They are used to a lot of privileges but this means that they don't get to learn some important things.

Almost all the houses have maids since the salary is BD 50 only which equals 100 Euros per month with no holidays. Yes, it is cruel and I don't agree with it but the contracts here are that way. But there have been a lot of changes lately and I think this whole thing is going to change soon.

Most maids come here from Indonesia, Sir Lanka, Philippines, India, etc. They are very young and undedicated. They come here to feed their families. Most carry along with them very sad stories.

I think that people here take their comfort for granted. Maybe they should get their own place at 18 so they understand the value of what they have. I bet they all move back to hotel mama with the maid in one month tops.

But I guess that this is one of the reasons why I want to study abroad.

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