Friday, 2 January 2009

History Is Not A Sleeping Pill

A late Happy New Year to all. Finally 2009 is here, I've been waiting for this year 2 years, it sounds unfair to 2007 and 2008 but this year is my last year of school and in September this year I will start university hopefully abroad. I am the opposite of home-sick which is away-sick.

Yesterday, I went to a lecture a British man gave about some research he did. It was about what is going on in Gaza. He laid in front of us some charts about the death rates of Palestinian and Israeli people where the Palestinian are a head of the Israeli's in thousands of people. Also I remember him saying that Israel has been targeted 65 UN resolutions and the Palestinians have been targeted by none. He mentioned a lot more things. When Jews and Muslims are brothers in the book, we worship the same God.I sat there looking at charts and statistics I have never heard or seen, why? The German news has a special sections for celebrities, in it they mention things like: what this celebrity wore or who that celebrity is sceretly dating? I must admit I watch it sometimes because it is entertaining, but if that is really news this is questionable.

The information is not secret or can not be found, it is there and everyone can see for themselves, but it is ignored. I had to check and see for myself because I could not imagine that all this is happening and nothing is done about it. I think it is just my juvenile belief that we are living in a wonderful world. Well, I did my own research and sat there at my desk shaking my head. I still have no words to express how I felt. If you want to see for yourselves check this website:, I think the website is not named right, it should be if humanity knew.

Yesterday I realized even more than before how interesting history is. I wish at school the teachers would make it more interesting, I wonder how they can change history to a sleeping pill. I really have trouble fighting sleep in history class. I hope my teacher doesn't read this.

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