Friday, 9 January 2009

Taking Refuge in the Bath Tub

Today I watched a few sketch videos on YouTube, I loved it. I watched some that are really funny, one was about a friend who is really annoying and wouldn't let his friends sleep, this video has over 8 million views. This reminded me of my friends and me two years ago, we went to Germany for ten days. In those ten days we hardly ever slept. Well, what would anyone expect when three friends sleep in one room as a sleepover that goes on for ten days, so after 6 days my batteries were really low and I needed some sleep. My friends had no mercy on me (ha ha I hope you two read this). It was two am or around that time, as in really late, and I just wanted to sleep beofre the grumpiness starts. So I asked very nicely if they would please just shut up and let me sleep. My friends now had a new reason to keep talking and laughing with all lights on to annoy me. So after a painful hour of exposing myslef to my annoying friends who are having lots of fun ticking me off, you are very welcome by the way though it was on my expense, I moved to the bathroom with my pillow and sheets and seriously intended to sleep in the tub. It is quite comfortable in tub, I really mean it. My friends came in and I prtended to be asleep so they would leave me alone, all I was asking for is sleep, it turned out I was asking for too much. Anyway, one of my friends spread shampoo on my arm and the other turned on the water. So I moved back with them to hell (aka bedroom) and ended up not sleeping. I can not say I didn't try. Good times. Good times.

Anyway, At the moment I have my first term exams or semester as the americans would say. Since it is my last year I have to get really good marks, so I'll be busy studying. After the second term exams (final exams) which means I will graduate this year from school. :) Our 12th grade marks are in the newspaper. Even my sister who is in the 9th grade her mark is going to be in the newpaper. All 19th graders and 9th graders are going to be exposed because we are the high school and junior high seniors.

I love the Australian accecnt by the way, though it is the most difficult one for us to understand.

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