Sunday, 18 January 2009

9 Days, 10 Years

It has been 9 days since I added new posts. I was busy with exams and still am till the 28th. I have come to the conclusion that I don't like to study the subjects where I have to memorize the whole book and copy paste it on paper, in a few weeks I won't remember them anyway. I like subjects that are based on logic and understanding. It's more fun to study.

Today we had math, for the first time the exam was really easy.
I got 4 exams over with and 5 to go. In between each exams we have 1 and up to 5 days holiday to study for, it depends on the difficulty of the subject. I hate this system. It feels like there is no end in sight. They should just put them all after each other and get it over with.

Well, at least my sis and I have something to look forward to because on the 30th we are going to Germany to visit our grandparents and some friends I met in a workshop in Oman. I need to go to Oman to meet some Germans, ironic huh? Plus my sis wants to see snow, she did before but it was really light so by afternoon it was gone. 4 years ago I went to Austria and the snow was so much that it was taller than me on the side-walk. Gosh it is already 4 years ago. When I was younger I used to laugh at my mom and dad when they say this is my friend, we used to go to work together 10 years ago. It sounded so strange because 10 years is my whole life. A few days ago I met my friend who was with me in 2nd grade. So my friend was saying do you know her and I was like "yeah, she was in my class 10 years ago". I guess I reached the age to say that.

Other than studying , the whole house has been watching the news about the war in Gaza. Since we have both the Arabic and German TV channels, we could see the difference in reporting what is going on. The Arabic TV shows pictures of what is going on there, most pictures are very horrofiying that bring trears to your eyes, while the German channels show only a few pictures that don't show much and can not help us create a fair opinion. This is a reason why both sides come to different conclusions about this war.

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