Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Big NO List

Today we took the camera to school to make some photos of us. With us I mean my friends & I.
I can't show you photos of us because:
no. 1 they would kill me, the pics are just mad.
no. 2 here, girls don't upload pics of themselves on the Internet. (Too many things can happen to those pics).
Anyway, so I wanted to show you how it looks like in a Bahraini girls school.

Desks, chairs, mess.

more mess.

My friend's table after styling.

Now to the big NO list as indicated in the title, our school is strict, and in strict I mean: No camera (the rule we broke today), No mobile phones, No i-Pods, No long finger nails, No nail Polish, No make up, No earrings, No rings, No big hair clips, No going out between classes (the 5 minutes break), No going out from class without yellow card, No buying food between classes, No dying hair in unnatural colors, No high heels, No going on the Internet for fun during free hours, No walking around during free hours, etc..

Other reasons why our school is strict: Must attend morning assembly, Shoes Must be black, head-scarfs Must be black or white, Must wear shirts with color, jackets Must be white, black or blue. Hair Must be worn up, school blouse Must be white, sports shirts Must be white, sport trousers Must be Black, etc..

I think you got what I meant right??

Quick Uni Update: My friend & I got into Reading University in the UK. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

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