Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Memory Problems

OK here is the thing, I'm really bad at remembering names. It is really embarrassing when I see someone I was with in school years ago in a shopping mall and I can't remember their name. It bothers me when I can't put a name to a face. I am really good at remembering faces, pictures, shapes and routes because I make stories to them. The weird part is, here in Bahrain there are 3 very common names for girls and 5 common names for guys. And it's definite that in each family there must be at least 1 if not all names. So actually it is supposed to be easy to remember names, right?

So the most common names for girls are:
1. Fatima
2. Zainab
3. Zahra (which means rose, by the way after my mom converted to Islam she changed her name to Zahra)

And for the guys:
1. Mohammed
2. Ahmed (my brother)
3. Ali
4. Hussain
5. Hassan

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