Sunday, 8 March 2009

I Want More Than This

I feel relived that all our papers (my friend & I) for the UK universities are done. We gave everything that is needed today to the agent. So it's waiting time. At the end of this week we are going to start to send off all the papers for the Australian universities. Wish us luck.

I've been asked now for a few times the same question, why do I want to study abroad, while in Bahrain we have the majors that I want to study? They make it sounds so ridicules, as if it is a waste of time (the foundation year) and a waste of money. I find it strange that people don't really understand my wish to see other places, other people, new things, just something else. How can those experiences both good and bad be waste of time and money. I respect their way of thinking, that they have all they need here, why go abroad, it is not wrong, if that satisfies them, if they don't want more. But I want more. Aren't they curious to to see and know. Yea, we all hear a lot of things about a lot of places but I learned it is almost always different than what you just hear, experiencing it is different, is real. It's an adventure, not the Indiana Jones kind of adventure but still.

I am not talking about the majority of people, just a few people that I met, I am just thinking out loud, (If that is the right term to use on the Internet).

I discovered through the agent that there are a lot more every year who are going to study abroad, both guys and girls. But still, there are some people who would like to, but wouldn't even allow themselves to dream about it. The idea is just too new (I discovered people take a lot of time to accept new things here, and are not eager to do or try new things, but once they get used to it, it is accepted). For others, the idea is too big and scary and they have already made it an impossible thing in their minds. Just why, aren't hopes meant to die last? And how is it going to happen if you don't even try?

It is a big step for an Arab girl to step up and leave, to be honest I'm scared (well, scared is the wrong word), I know it will not be easy, but I'm really looking forward to study abroad, and very excited about it. I hope I get to do it.

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engy said...

Hey Mariam,
Although I am a little bit older ( I am 22, I can understand every word that you wrote. I am an Egyptian muslim girl graduated from a German university in Egypt. I am planning to conduct my postgraduate studies abroad as well. It is really difficult for people here to accept this idea here, especially men. I totally agree that it is our right to go through new experiences and get better education, but don't you feel hesitant sometimes? Don't you ask yourself" will I be secure there? or will I be comfortable living alone among foreigners?" we can't deny that it is scary! sometimes I wonder "does it worth taking the risk?"

Thank you for sharing your ideas