Saturday, 28 March 2009

Freakish Boys and Other Happenings

It is about time for me to write again, it's been ages. It was really busy lately. I'll start with the good news first, I got accepted in 4 unis in England ( Exeter, Sheffield, Reading and Brunel) and in one uni in Australia so far (Curtin), I am waiting for the reply from loughborough, if they accept my friend and I, we are going if not then we're going to Exeter :)

Other happenings this week, I went to an Aerobics class, my mom was talking about it for so long so I just gave in this week. It's not really my thing, the music was annoying and old, plus, it is so different from Taekwondo the sport I did for 5 years, I just had to remind myself "Mariam, don't forget to move your arms" (which is a taboo in Taekwondo). The thing is that I enjoy dancing, I thought I would like it more.

I had lots of sport competitions this week at our school, and we had some good matches that we won and others we had second or third place which is OK though we want to win.

I also had an English reading competition at a secondary boys school, that was scary, girls and guys are in separate schools, so when the guys heard there were girls in school none of the guys in the whole school was in class. The guys were knocking at the doors and windows and the teachers couldn't stop them. FREAKS.

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