Thursday, 2 April 2009

Summed Up the Week

Another really busy week, so we started our mid term exams, I already got 3 exams over with, 6 exams to go ugh. So this week was just studying. So I added a study couch in my room. It belongs actually in the extension of the living room but I am not giving it back, it looks great in my room.

On Tuesday the school gave us our graduation robe and this weird hat that students in the uni wear for graduation but they do it here for high school kids too. I was so thrilled when I got the robe, it was like a proof that I am actually done with school and will go on to university. I will finish school (for ever) around 2nd of June. Don't get me wrong I never hated to go to school but I am not a nerd either.

My German grandparents are coming on Monday, well, my brother, sister & I are only supposed to know that my grandfather is coming, but we also discovered that my grandmother is coming too, so we have to act all surprised and as if we can't believe it.

And oh yeah, I really like Badminton (the real game) and Tennis Wii.

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