Sunday, 26 April 2009

Arab Girls At a Car Race

Yesterday my best friend & I went to the Formula One Gulf Air Bahrain Grand pix. The first car race I ever went to, well, it was actually the qualifying. My friend & I sat there in the first row and had no idea what was going on. Every few seconds a very loud car drove past us in crazy speed. I really like fast driving, I know I know, Dangerous, but I like it. What I didn't like was the impossible loud volume of the cars, I didn't get ear-plus (all I can say is stupid) so I came back home and my ears were hurting so bad. The circuit is in the middle of the desert and the weather was extremely hot. We were sweating like pigs, I can't even imagine how the drivers felt. Why would anyone have a car race in the middle of the desert??

Anyway, what I leaned is that most people go there to be seen and see other people. It's a big show off stage. Most people don't watch the race, though the tickets are expensive, everyone hangs around the stages to watch the singers, hip hop dancers, acrobats, etc... There was even bungee jumping. It really was worth seeing if only the weather was 20 degrees Celsius less.
The People.

People can cool under the water.

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