Wednesday, 22 April 2009


I know of 8 people in Bahrain who wear the seat belt in the car. 8 people of so many. Nobody wears the seat belt in Bahrain, it's just something no one ever thinks of. The new cars "beeb" when people aren't wearing the seat belt, but the people here solved this little annoyance by just keeping the seat belt plugged in all the time and sitting on it. Easy.

It doesn't matter to me if people don't care about their own safety, it's their issue but not when it comes to their little children. Parents drive while their little kids or babies sit in their laps. I see this everyday at least 3 times. It drives me crazy. They are lucky that nothing ever happened, very lucky.

My mom is right, it has something to do with the folk, it's a national specific, people just don't think about such things as safety here. I realized not just here, but every single Arab country I have been to. Why?

I consider people following those simple rules literate and educated. Sometimes comfort and old habits don't matter.

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