Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Jeans size zero

I bet everyone knows those TV shows: The Insider, TMZ, Explosive, extra, extra.. Yep, these shows run even here. So everyday we are followed by pictures of stars getting thinner and thinner, it's been going on for so long that skinny is the new beautiful.

Whenever, we have a free period at school, one of our main topics is how to loose weight. So many girls here way so little and refuse to eat. Just a few years ago, weight was not an issue in the Arab world, everyone looked they way they looked. A little bit more was considered even better. But, that was back then. This is globalization, don't get me wrong, I am not against globalization but not everything is good, and the skinny virus is really bad. It is everywhere.

I'll admit, every time I eat something I think it through, how many calories, how much fat? I feel bad if I ate too much of anything. I jog everyday to keep my weight. I am 168cm and I weigh 55 kilos which is about 5'6 and 121 pounds, and to be honest I wish I could loose 2 to 4 kilos. We are all victims of dictated ideal standards, and I am just one of the millions in that long line.

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leo lana said...

I like chunbby chiks !!.. in fact i think only people without personality follows the "fashion" standards !!... i think the problem is that, we have to consume so much things in such a large proporcion that makes us paranoic !!.. and in the end people are poisoning themselves with food !!....
so i have an advice to the people,
eat only natural and healthy food !!..and be a happy chubby person !!.. (at least is what i do ) ahaahahha..
big hug !!