Monday, 20 April 2009

People's Minds Are Little Boxes

Wednesday, 15th April
Me walking around the house with the Ipod on full volume. I walk past my "German" grandpa for the 4th time but this time he is waving his hands over his head. I take the ear-plugs out.
Me: What?
Grandpa: Can I ask you a question?
Me: Uh..sure.
Grandpa: You behave weird..
Me: Uh......Thanks Opa "Opa is grandpa in German"
Grandpa: What I mean is, you live your life as if you didn't decide what to choose.
Me: huh?
Grandpa: You go out with your friends to malls, cinemas and restaurants. When you go out you wear jeans and shirts but still wear the hijab"head scarf". You listen to music, but when it is prayer time you stop everything and pray. It doesn't fit, the religious and modern life. It's like you contradict yourself.

I stare at my grandpa, it seems strange that he asks this after years of me being the way I am. I didn't think that he still had this false image in his head after him living with us and see how it really is.

Me: Who decided that it doesn't fit? It's what people made up in their minds. If that's the way you think then consider me breaking the rules. Why do I have to live as if it is the 1600's if I want to have a religious life? I wear modern clothes that still fit to my religion, what's weird or wrong in that, after all I'm 17. I stick to the Quran, my prayers, etc.. because I believe in it, that doesn't make me old fashioned, oh right people decided that it is old fashioned. People make up these unwritten rules and apply them as if it is the way it is supposed to be even though it sucks. I see my faith as a way of life not a little box to paralyze me. I am not going to deny that it is hard to combine both, sometimes even very hard but it is a challenge.

A totally different topic, my current obsession is "Let me sign" by Robert Pattinson. And yes, it Edward from twilight. He can actually sing. Love it.

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