Thursday, 7 May 2009

Just My Luck

Life is so unfair. I am going to act like a teenager right now. Wait a minute, I am a teenager, I can be a drama queen from time to time. So again, life is so unfair. I have been waiting for the summer holidays to start so I can start to take my divining classes but now that the law have been changed I have to wait for my 18th birthday to actually start my driving classes, but since my birthday is on the 27th of September I will not be able to do my driving license because at that time I will be at University in England. So, to do my driving license I will have to wait till next year. Just my luck.

Only 15 years back just a few woman were driving here, now everyone is driving, allot of girls in my class are starting their driving classes next month.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mariam!
My name is Lena.
My mom showed me your blog thinking I would be interested, and bingo, I was hooked! I definitely know how you feel about the whole driving scenario....although I am only 14 (soon to be 15, my birthday is this weekend!)many of my classmates already drive. So while they're off cruising around town I have to ask my parents for a ride.
Anyway...I love your blog and look forward to hearing of your adventures in England!!!!

Mariam said...

Hey Lena,
Thanks for your comment. Yep I have the same problem, I need to ask my parents to drop me off here and there, and they don't have always time, it sucks.
I happy you like the blog.

Wolfgang Conzendorf said...

Hi , Mariam !!
Don't be sad. You probably wont need a car in Exeter , public traffic is not too bad and think positive, without driving you don't blow poison into the air ...
Greetings from Germany to you
(what was Quietschies real name??)


Mariam said...

yea I guess I don't need a car there, ture.

Quietschies real name is Sarah, by the way she still is a Quietschie.