Friday, 8 May 2009

An Art To Express

I was never really interested in the Art of drawing but last week in German class I had to describe a picture so my teacher showed me some drawings of Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist, who is known for drawing herself. She has suffered a lot in life, she was in a bad bus accident, so she had to wear a back cast for years. Also her husband was cheating on her with a lot of different woman. All those things play a big role in her drawing.

I am not sure if I think her drawings are nice, but they are very meaning full and some drawing are very shocking. What I admire about her is that she has a very clear way of expressing herself, it shows her pain, her thoughts and her life. I am the kind of person who can not show that I am hurting or in pain because then I feel that I am weak. I am ashamed if I cry in front of people, because I see it as a weakness though I know it isn't but for some reason I am that way. I can't really explain it. Frida's drawings showed me something I can't to do which is express myself. I know it is funny that this comes from me, someone who writes a blog about herself which is expressing myself but I am really bad at it in real life.

This picture has the most effect on me though it's not the most moving drawing of hers, but I think I have this picture in mind because I can see myself in it. She is part Mexican and part Spanish, and in this picture she shows the two frida's, so I can relate to her feelings about this issue because there is in a freakish way, two Mariams, an Arabic Mariam and a German Mariam. The Arabic Mariam is maybe more clear or dominant because I live in an Arabic country but there are somethings where German Mariam takes over. It's all just so twisted and I had big problems with this a few years ago, maybe that's the reason why I have this drawing on my mind.

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