Monday, 1 June 2009

Done With School

Hey I'm back, it has been for ever since I wrote anything. I was really busy with my final exams, which I finished today. So, I am done with school for life. I am so happy, yea it sounds very cliché but its true. You should see all my friends nicknames on msn, it is hilarious.

The weird part is I feel like I should be feeling much more than I am feeling right now, maybe because it didn't hit me yet, or maybe this is how I just feel. I will get rid of all my school books, papers, revision sheets, etc etc... maybe I will get it then.

I felt like I had to do something today to mark this day, so my friend & I cut our hair. But it wasn't me who actually cut my hair, don't worry, we went to a hair saloon which some of our friends said is supposedly so good. The result I don't really like my hair cut. Not that I hate it either. But I am in a that good mood that it will not break that easily. Plus I wear a hijab (head scarf) so bad hair days aren't that bad. One of the Hijabs pros.

The weather is extremely hot, like boiling hot, I think I will ask my school friends to come over to swim, something like a pool graduation pre-party. Our actual graduation party is next Monday 8th of June. Where we get to throw our graduation caps, yay. I bet there will be a lot of tears, which freaks me out, but there is a good chance that I will be joining that group. But our school is coming up with even crappier rules at the end of the year than at the beginning, so our school declared that no cameras are allowed at the graduation party, WHAT? But mine will be there 100%. I can't leave my camera, its like breaking up with it, and I love my camera.

P.S: I don't mind a little something for graduation like an iPhone maybe (a little message at mom & dad). OK, OK graduation and 18th birthday gift which is only in 4 months :P

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