Thursday, 29 January 2009

Off to Germany for 10 Days

So the tittle says it, I'm going tonight, technically it is tomorrow morning at 3 am to Germany. In 2 hours I'm leaving for the air port and I can't go without saying bye. I enjoy the air port part of travelling and I don't like planes at all, it's kind of boring. In air ports I spend my time with my "hobby," which I inherited from my mom, which she inherited from her mom (my grandmother).
We enjoy sitting in air ports and look at all kinds of people that pass us by and make up a story (life) to the person we see. Some are interesting because of their expressions or presence and others are interesting because it is hard to make a story for the person I see. Another thing I like about the air port is the duty free, especially the books part. But the best thing about air ports is that there is no difference between day or night, it is always the same ,busy and full of life. When I was younger around ten I think, I used to want to work in the air port because for that reason, I never thought in detail about what I wanted to do there, I just wanted to see the busy life there.

I hate planes because the seats are so narrow. I fall asleep and when I wake up my neck and back are killing me so I get a taste of how it will be when I get older ,but my sister will suffer the most because she is my pillow. Another thing that bothers I guess most people is the pressure on the ear, but for everyone who didn't know, chewing gum helps really. But the most annoying thing is the toilets, the flash sound is like it is sucking people from this world to another, ugh.

But you know what, I love traveling because of all this, good and bad.

Well, yesterday we finished our exams and I have a good feeling about them so my friends and I decided to go out after two weeks being locked up in our rooms studying. We went to a movie called "Slumdog millionaire", I think a lot of people heard of it and maybe even saw it. It is really worth it. It's an Indian movie but not really in the Indian style because all Indian movies have to have A LOT of dancing in them which is fun, but a little cheesy and some dancing should be forbidden for men. No offence, but seriously no, I am saying that because I'm nice.

Anyway I won't be able to write for a few days because my grandparents don't have Internet, yep it's hard to believe in this age, but they don't. It's good for me, it's like rehab without Internet.

So bye in English, tschuess in German and مع السلامه in Arabic.
See you soon.

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samate said...

oh wie ich auf deinen bericht aus deutschland warte!! die halbe welt wartet!!!!!!!