Thursday, 12 February 2009

Arab Girl Back On Arab Land

Hey everyone,
I really missed this blog and the Internet since my grandparents don't have Internet, ugh.
Well yesterday my sis and I came back from Germany from a tiny village called Gartow, normally I don't really like going there much because its a small village and there isn't a lot to do, adding to that we don't know anyone there. But this time the trip was a lot more interesting. This time, I actually wanted to go because I met some Germans in the UNESCO workshop in Oman who live in the same area where my grandparents live and we got along really well, so I wanted to see them again plus my little sis wanted to see snow (rain and snow are really a big thing here). So we booked, packed and got on the plane. It turned out that I packed way too many things as usual, I always say I will only pack what I really need but I always end up taking way too much. Extra weight for nothing. Well, we got to Germany and the first two days I was in bed sick with the flu, lucky me. After that I spent my time riding the bike (which I really love because nobody rides a bike here above the age of 12 and it is way too hot anyway), walking around since the weather was nice, eating (a lot of eating, I ate ice-cream all the time though it's cold), reading (before I went to Germany I ordered books from amazon) and checking out all places that sell toys or might sell toys because I wouldn't dare come back home without a gift for my little brother, he would kick me out. He wanted a toy called "SOS Monkey Alarm", yes I am serious, the problem was none of the shops had this toy, no wonder. So we had to take a play mobile police station that took half of my suit-case. I was also the cook while I was there, I used to hate cooking but now I kind of like it. I just shoved some fries in the oven and fried some fish. Easy.

I was invited to visit the school, which the girls that I met in Oman go to. It was really interesting. To be honest I was really worried they would think of me as a terrorist or God knows what, but I was really surprised they were all really nice and they didn't even stare, which was new to me since I'm used to being stared at in Germany. The trick is to think that everyone is staring because you are a big Hollywood star ;) no, just joking. They didn't make me feel weird at all. It was a really interesting experience since I didn't know any people around my age in Germany but I know German people around my age who don't live in Germany, freakish ha!!! I was asked a lot of questions too, questions about religion, politics, Bahrain and some teen stuff.

Anyway, I find the school there a lot more interesting than here. The topics there are a lot more comprehensive and some topics we don't even take which is sad, because I found them really interesting. What I like most is that it is very conversational and the atmosphere is easy. When in our class rooms it is "shut up and listen" and very tense. It felt like they have so many breaks, they should apply that to our school too.

The flight back was really interesting too, the first thing was that I saw the Bahrain royal family's plane and then in Istanbul which is where we stayed for 4 hours transit the police came in our plane and took out a lady in hand-cuffs and she was yelling really badly. It was a trip full off action. Oh the the Captain stopped my sis and I for small talk!!

My sis and I in boots, ugh I have huge feet :( I would show you more pictures if they weren't so embarrassing and silly ;P

P.S: People do you realise what day it is today??? Friday the 13th, mwahahaha. This means they will put scary movies on TV ;P

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Beate Knappe said...

es leist sich wirklich gut, was Du hier schreibst go on girl!!!!