Friday, 13 February 2009

Driving and the big V

Yesterday afternoon my mom, dad and I where talking about where I should do my driving license here (Bahrain) or in Germany, when I visit my grandparents this summer. The problem is that if I get my driving license here I can't drive in Europe, and when I get an international driving license I would have to pay 3 times the Price for insurance. Another problem is that it is so difficult to find a driving instructor here, it's almost impossible, there are just too many people. The good thing about getting the license here is that it is cheap, fast and there is no theory part. But getting the license in Germany (which both my parents would prefer), I can drive anywhere with no problems. The thing is that there is a theory part, it takes a long time and it is expensive.

Well, we really got into the driving thing so, my dad, sis and I went to the desert and my dad let us drive there. Just so you all know I'm 17 and my sis is 14. Yep, our legal guardian in other words "dad" encouraged us to do illegal things. No, really it's safe and there is no one. Anyway, the first time I drove was when I was 13, but today it is my sisters first time driving. It's fun and once you get the feel of it's really easy.

There is no use of having a driving license when the person doesn't drive a car, so this is the car of my dreams in black though, I have a thing for black cars, I think it looks elegant. Hmmmm, a Mercedes, a girl can dream aye?

Wait a minute, it is Valentines day today. I totally forgot. In all shopping malls you can find red hearts and loads of other cheesy things. It is kind of celebrated here, because from a religious view it isn't well religious. But anyway people celebrated here too, if you were wondering. Plus there will be a lot of cheesy movies tonight, that's going to be funny.

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